Lisa Davids’ artwork embodies the ebb and flow of life.  She taps into the layers of emotions from her past and present experiences as a means of remembering and digesting them through visual representations.  


Davids’ fascination with storytelling through art began with photography around the age of twenty. She was intrigued by the stories behind abandoned places and vintage objects that otherwise would be forgotten and was inspired to pay them tribute. After focusing on photography for several years, Davids felt the need to tell untold stories with her hands and soon began processing her life and emotions through the diverse nature of encaustics and mixed media along with her own images. 


Her educational journey began with a formal education of photography through courses at local universities such as McHenry County College and Columbia College in Chicago. However, Davids’ talent was mostly developed through personal trial and error in her creative self-expression and was further enforced with a number of hands-on and online courses. All served as leading forces on her artistic path.


Davids has received countless awards for her work, including several “People’s Choice” awards and “Honorable Mentions” at the Starline Gallery in Harvard, Illinois. She has participated in numerous events at the Starline’s 4th Fridays where she earned the “Best of Show” in May of 2017. In addition, she has been invited to display her artwork in Illinois at the Morpho Gallery in Chicago, the Ethereal Confections in Woodstock, Enlighted Balance in Crystal Lake, and art shows at the Dole Mansion and Women’s Works at the Woodstock Courthouse.  


As she moves along her journey of artistic expression through mixed media, Davids continues to build upon her foundation of photography and encaustics as a means of paying homage to moments of the past and present that might otherwise be forgotten. At the same time, she celebrates transformation and the ebb and flow of life that allow her to maintain an ever-present openness to change both in her own daily life and in her artistic process.

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